Breakthrough Co Lab Virtual

What is Breakthrough Co Lab Virtual?

Not in Springfield, Oregon? No problem! You can still cowork with us. Breakthrough Co Lab Virtual is a Workplace Metaverse that allows you to virtually work alongside Breakthrough Co Lab members from around the world. Collaborating with your peers and friends has never been easier.

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Metaverse Features

Breakthrough Co Lab Virtual is filled with tools and resources to help you work in an online world.

  • Instantly interact with coworkers by virtually walking up to them
  • Hold impromptu private meetings or schedule them at the click of a button
  • Invite guests to the space for private calls or sessions 
  • Host virtual networking events, seminars, or socials
  • Chat with the group or privately
  • Customize a workspace just for you
  • Play game alone or with others in the room
Wide view of breakthrough virtual map
Interact with coworkers via video chat

Meetings have never been easier

Tired of paying for Zoom? Wish you had unlimited time to meet with colleagues or friends? Breakthrough Co Lab Virtual gives you unlimited HD video chats and unlimited guest passes so you can meet with non-members. 

  • Have casual conversations with Breakthrough Members
  • Schedule private meetings and share links
  • Create guest passes for non-members to meet with you
  • Work with us to schedule a virtual event


Customize your avatar

Choose who you are in the Breakthrough Co Lab metaverse by customizing your look. 

Want to try green hair? Consider it done.

Want to work in your bathrobe? Why not?

Updating your look is simple.

Avatar customization

Join now for only $9 per month

Payment details